Serving the Port

Ken is the current sitting Port Commissioner from 2017-Present: Whatcom County Planning Commissioner: Whatcom County Charter Review Commissioner: Economic Development Investment Board: Small Cities Partnership

I am running to build on the work this Commission has already accomplished.

We expanded public access to Port properties! Since development on the waterfront languished, we began adding amenities, a pump track, and a container retail village. We are constructing a Fisherman’s Pavilion and are working on a boat launch for Fairhaven. A landmark compromise with the Lummi tribe provided them moorage for fishing boats and gave the Port needed infrastructure repairs. The Port will soon be operating with 100% renewable energy.

Economic Development:  We landed Southwest Airlines, it’s just the beginning of expanding business at our airport. We added high wage jobs in Blaine Harbor, the Seaview Boatyard, the Fairhaven Industrial Marine Facility and added ABC recycling to our shipping terminal. We spent $25 million on cleanup projects. We helped add jobs to boat builders, an electric bus company and a manufactured home company. Broadband will be county-wide soon. All this was accomplished without raising taxes and during a pandemic.

Expect more of the same. My priorities will always include increased access to Port assets, marine trades, job growth and civil cooperation with all stakeholders.



Iron Creek’s expertise comes from field experience. Our technologies, patents, knowhow, and work methods, have all originated from “rolling up our sleeves”. We’ve kept our technologies as simple and robust as possible so that they can be mobilized to remote and challenging locations.
At the same time, our technologies are primarily designed around “thermal” treatment. In our opinion, thermal treatment is the only process that consistently delivers reliable and reproducible results.
We’ve never left a project unfinished yet we have performed cleanups that resulted from other company’s technological failures. These failures include soil washing, chemical oxidation, and bioremediation. While these technologies have performed well in many situations, they’re simply not reliable and consistent.
Iron Creek’s technology performs consistently in the field so that our clients are not at risk of wasting time, money, or reputation.


Remote cleanups

Our thermal technologies are able to be transported to locations that are problematic for conventional Thermal Desorption Units (TDU’s).


Oilfield waste

The Iron Creek approach virtually eliminates the liabilities associated with transport and disposal of wastes in landfill.


Oil fuel spills

It’s inevitable; accidents occur and, in many instances, spills result. Iron Creek is able to respond with portable technologies capable of extracting and recovering the spilled materials.


Best Recycling


Ken served as the President of Best Recycling for 20+ years. 

Best Recycling began it’s mission in 1995 with the purchase of it’s first full scale recycling facility in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Eventually Best would own four facilities in three states and Canada. Best Recycling has established itself as a leader in hard to handle waste streams and out of the ordinary projects. We specialize in solving logistical problems and handling unusual waste streams.