"Expect continued momentum. My priorities will always include increased access to Port assets, marine trades, job growth and civil cooperation with all stakeholders."
What has Ken accomplished in the last 4 years?

Covid Relief

Ken managed all Covid-19 relief funds through the Port of Bellingham's Economic Development office,


Ken worked with Alpha Tech to develop a commercial place operation at the Bellingham airport. Brought Southwest Airlines to the Bellingham Airport!

Rent Relief

Ken worked to provide rent relief to distressed tenants with Port leases during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Building on the Waterfront

Ken worked to get moving on Hartcourt development moving into Phase 2 and building condos on the waterfront. Phase 1 was restoring and opening the Granary building.

Clean Up

Ken oversaw 12 clean up operations of hazardous materials in Whatcom County. Read about the Climate Action Plan that we put together in 2019 to help guide the future development of the Port.

Parks & Recreation

Ken brought new and interesting ideas to the table when it came to the construction of Maritime Heritage Park. One of which is the popular bike pump track.


Ken worked last the last 3 years, completing two segments of broadband laid through the county.

Business Progress

Ken worked to establish Blaine Harbor as a hub for commercial fishing activity.